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Jeremy was wonderful to work with. He was so patient and understanding of our circumstances. Jeremy was always available when we needed him. He definitely knows the market in our area and was so helpful with contract negotiations. I would absolutely recommend Jeremy to friends and family!
Kim Zitek, Gilbert, AZ (SOLD in Seville)
Jeremy's overall presentation was professional, thorough and accurate. This made us feel he could deliver. His easy-going personality and hospitality background gave us confidence we would work well together. We felt Jeremy was an excellent agent. He exceeded expectations in the final sales price as well as our time goals. We would highly recommend.
Jeff Morgan Chandler, AZ
Another great job!
Jeff Snyder Mesa Arizona
We've been through 12 home purchase\sales transactions in the past 17 years and this was one of the best. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone wanting to buy or sell in his service area. We appreciated his calm and knowledgeable demeanor, and we're impressed with his sense of urgency when responding to our questions or concerns. When issues did arise, Jeremy was on top of it immediately. He went out of his way to assist us in scheduling repairs, services, etc. It was a huge load off our shoulders being over 1500 miles away. Jeremy's knowledge and experience showed multiple times during this transaction, especially when we had a couple odd and unexpected issues arise. I can't think of one thing I wish he would have done better or differently. This was a great experience and it was truly a pleasure working with Jeremy. Would be more than happy to use his services again. Thank you!
Ben & Andrea Koppes Chandler, AZ
My wife and I are beyond pleased that we got the chance to work with Jeremy Wilson. The best agent I have EVER worked with. I would recommend him to anybody in AZ selling their homes. He came out promptly to talk to my wife and I. He was professional and seemed to care about us. He kept using phrases like "us" and "we" when talking about selling the home. It made us feel like he was invested and in with us.
Mark Barlett, Maricopa
Jeremy was extremely professional and knows the Phoenix area very well. As a relo from Texas he was critical for us to ensure we ended up in the right area. Thanks Jeremy.
Cliff Compton, Gilbert, AZ
I have now utilized the services of Jeremy Wilson in the purchase of three homes and highly recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing or selling a property. He is always accessible and efficient. I highly rely on his recommendations.
Don Marion, Chandler AZ
Jeremy Wilson went above and beyond. We came here from WI and he helped complete the purchase of our home making me feel like I was in AZ doing it myself. I would recommend Jeremy to any of my friends back in WI or to anyone new I meet in AZ!
Tony C., Gilbert, AZ
We've known Jeremy for several years - he sold us our first house. He has proven to be honest, hard working, always working hard to address any questions or concerns we have... and has proven to be an expert on the market here... as well as all the ins and outs of the buying process. Jeremy is invaluable, and that is an understatement. Jeremy really moved quickly to secure our house, which was critical given the demand for this house. The sellers specifically cited the speed, organization, professionalism, and completeness of our offer, as critical parts of them selecting us as the buyers. You need more agents like Jeremy. He is the full package of everything you could possibly want with an agent. It's a complicated process, with lots of twists and turns, and he knows just what to do every step of the way.
Matt Logan, Gilbert, AZ
I think the highest recommendation we can give is that we plan to use Jeremy Wilson again when the time comes for us to sell the house we just bought and buy a new one. We would readily recommend Jeremy to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell a home. Jeremy knows this area so well. We felt like we could trust his assessment of neighborhoods and individual houses. Jeremy was great in helping us put together the offer on our home and the request for repairs. He demonstrated a knowledge of the market and was able to help us craft an offer that would be accepted and be to our advantage based on what was important to us (the seller paying closing costs). I felt like Jeremy actually listened and was invested in our purchase.
Bethany C., Chandler, AZ
Jeremy and his staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable and caring. Jeremy is well-versed in regards to real estate pricing, neighborhood knowledge and sales trends. His intuition is spot-on and he's able to accurately market the sale of a home while also being a great resource and agent for a buyer (I've worked with Jeremy on both). Jeremy and his staff provide a high level of service, it is clear he makes an intentional effort to be available to his clients. Our family has truly enjoyed working with Jeremy during the past few years and we look forward to working with him in the future!
Ryan, Bloomington IL
Jeremy is fantastic to work with. He genuinely wants what's best for his clients. He was very accommodating and flexible with scheduling. He was very thorough and very knowledgeable. Jeremy did a great job communicating with us and always kept us up to date. I was very comfortable asking questions. He took his time to answer and explain things to us in terms that were easy to understand.
Marie Mesa, AZ
We have NEVER been happier with a realtor. Jeremy far surpassed our expectations and was more helpful than we could have imagined. The information he supplied, his efficiency, and his overall knowledge of the housing market are what set him apart from the other realtors we have worked with. We cannot thank him enough for his work.
Sarah Coon, Massachusetts (SOLD in Seville)
I decided to go back with Jeremy as I had previously done business with him in the past as he helped me purchase my first home. His professionalism and knowledge in this business is second to none. All this combined with his attitude toward his position really shows that he loves what he does. Thus, making my position as a seller that much more painless and easy! I would recommend Jeremy Wilson to all.
Zef Retana
We could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable and accessible agent than Jeremy. Even though we are moving cross-country, Jeremy's attention to detail and ability to handle anything we threw at him made the home purchasing process feel as if we were just moving around the corner.
Todd Engle and Carrie Wheeler - Groveland, MA
In a time when you come across everyone doing this job for a second income, I found a professional who you do not have to worry about. Let's face it folks, there are a lot of amateurs out there that should not be in this business of providing you with their services. From here I will keep it short: Just sit down with him for 5 minutes, and I guarantee you won't have to look elsewhere......That's a promise.
JLF J L Fleischmann
Jeremy was very professional knowledgable and prompt
Kevin Koger, Maricopa
I would strongly recommend Jeremy Wilson to any of my friends or relatives
Bob Wilcox